If you would like to help the Hogar La Providencia by sponsoring a child, please send a check for $30/month to ┬áTenth Presbyterian Church, 1701 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 with “Hogar La Providencia” on the memo line.┬áThe Hogar is able to send you the name, picture, and background of a child you are helping. One time gifts are also appreciated.

Kathy and Roger with Beatrice

Roger and I already sponsor a child through World Vision, and whenever we receive information about our child, we are filled with satisfaction knowing that we are able to give her a better life. When we went to Santa Marta and found out that we could sponsor a child there, we immediately said yes. Pastor Jaime introduced us to Beatrice the day we before we left Santa Marta. She had just arrived at the Hogar from the Chimila tribe. She is a petite 7 year old. We are happy that we can continue our relationship with the Hogar in this way. We look forward to maintaining contact with Beatrice, and pray that she grows to be a sincere follower of Jesus.

- Kathy and Roger






Sam with Luz Dare and Luz Mary

When I arrived at Hogar la Providencia, I saw the children beaming with living hope and His grace. I don’t speak Spanish, but these children saw His love in me and bonded with me quickly. Every day they came running and hugged me as I stood there holding back my tears. I heard someone mention that we could sponsor children. I made the connection and knew why God sent me on this trip. Everything began to make sense. I’m sponsoring adorable twin Chimila girls; Luz Dare and Luz Mary. I feel that I’m part of one big family.

- Sam Thomas




Birneth Maria is a sweet little girl who asked me to stay forever the first day I was in Colombia. As this was beyond my limited Spanish vocabulary, someone translated for me. Birneth was very shy at first, watching me through a window. Gradually, she’d come up and sit next to me or stand behind my chair with her arms draped over my shoulders. Before I knew it I couldn’t wait to see her little smile every day. I was so happy to find that I could make some small ongoing contribution to Birneth’s life through sponsorship. I never knew I could develop such strong bonds with people I could barely communicate with – most of the kids at Hogar la Providencia speak little to no English, and I speak very little Spanish. I learned that smiles, hugs, and tickling are universal.

- Kaya Casper