Mission and Vision


Hogar la Providencia (Providence Home) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to heed the call of our Lord Jesus Christ, who tells us to go and make disciples, preach the good news to the downcast and bandage the broken hearted. When offering our services to the impoverished or reaching out to the needy, we show that we are creatures of God and demonstrate our thankfulness through our works. All believers involved in this cause evangelize the Gospel not only through words, but by the actions of body and soul in trying to fulfill this mission oriented to the child population and the displaced, vulnerable native and families of the Santa Marta community and local indigenous peoples. We are primarily focused on assisting in these specific battle areas:

  • Education of children and youth
  • Health care and education
  • Spiritual training
  • Nutrition (by providing meals and education)
  • Parent education
  • Recreation
  • Self-management and microenterprise organization


The Foundation aspires to function as a non-governmental insitution that strives always toward the aid, encouragement and development of the target community. We are working faithfully to reach the child victims of maltreatment, whether physical, psychological, social or economic mistreatment. Providing a secure foundation for these promising young lives gives the youth the opportunity to improve their quality of life and builds their internal sense of fulfillment from the perspective of the Gospel.