Wayuu Mission

Dear Servants of the Grace Alone Sovereign,

Here I send you pictures of the mission among the largest indigenous tribe of Colombia. Many indigenous people are abandoned both by the government and the church–without education, health, or food.

We pray, work in construction of a school, and evangelize.

The places where the clans live are called “rancheria.”  We were in two: Rancherias Kaimara and Juluwaipa. There is a church with a Wayuu pastor with 150 indigenous people and they meet in a shed made of sticks and palm branches. We (with a Swedish mission team) built one school and we plan to build another school in February, but we need to help and train the Wayuu pastor.

- Jaime Leal

Teaching trip report from Edinson Florez

Pastor Flores - Iglesia CalvaryBlessings to all the saints, in Christ Jesus.

I am informing you that I was traveling to different destinations, teaching and visiting to begin a new study group with STR (Seminario Teologico Reformado) in cooperation with MINTS. The places I visited were: Sincelejo (San Pedro Sucre) and San Pedro de Uraba.

On August 29 I traveled from Santa Marta to Sincelejo. In Sincelejo I took transportation to San Pedro Sucre. I takes two hours to arrive there. In San Pedro Sucre I got to know a sister that is leading a church whose name is Olga. She was waiting to introduce me to her group of leaders. We agreed that they would fill out all the documents to register to be part of our institution. I gave answers to all of their questions. The number of students that want to enroll in the program is approximately 15 persons. Among these students are a physician, a bacteriologist, two teachers, a psychologist and other professionals. Their attention was very good. I was with them from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. Read more →

Uraba Mission & New Radio Show

Rev. Edinson Flores has gone to Uraba on a missions trip to teach and preach.

Also, our daily radio program is now airing from 8 – 9pm (UTC-5).