Hogar la Providencia

December 2011 Update

I’ve been here for about a month now, and so much has happened.

Firstly, for those of you who don’t know about the foundation where I’m working, it’s called the “Hogar de Providencia.” Unlike a typical orphanage, most of the kids that live there do have parents. They live at the foundation for two main reasons: to get an education at the school on the premises and for the food provided by the foundation, which helps alleviate some of the burden for their parents or parent. Most of the children come from the Chimila tribes in Colombia, who were displaced years ago, and are still struggling to acquire things like an education. The Chimilan kids at the foundation tend to be quite intelligent and are the most eager to learn. Read more →

October 2011 Update

Dear friends of Hogar La Providencia,

These past months have been of great blessings to the children of Hogar La Providencia, thanks to your prayers and donations.

One project that was initiated some months ago was the replacement of the bunk beds of the Hogar. New bunk beds arrived a month ago, with new mattresses and pillows. A few bunk beds that were not so damaged were repaired, so the children are now enjoying new beds. Read more →


Rejoicing in the abundant blessings of the Sovereign. To him be the glory for his will, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Thankful for all the effort that has been expressed towards us, not only this year, but ever since you have heard of our needs. Your prayers and actions are clearly seen, so that despite all the obstacles we have been able to advance. Read more →

Devotional from Philippians 4

The Lord teaches me in his Word that I must remain in him always and keep his commandments.

I have to love my brothers and have a common bond in the Lord. I have to rejoice in the Lord always.

I have to be a loving person and not be worried about what I will do. We have to present to him all of our needs, praying and asking him with confidence, because he is our Father.

We learn in his Word that God is God of peace and that his peace passes over all and that I only have to think on the good in everything that is pleasing to God. Read more →