About Us

On February 22,1996, Pastor Jaime Leal was called from Barranquilla by the presbytery of the coastal city of Santa Marta, with the mission of church planting in Santa Marta. His missionary work has allowed direct contact with the families living in the surrounding areas of St. Paul, Manzanares and Chimila; neighborhoods of the lowest socioeconomic status, with the natural shortcomings to be expected in poverty conditions. The precarious circumstancess of survival in these neighborhoods, including lack of food, health problems, malnutrition, instability and family dramas touched the heart of Pastor Jaime and his wife Esther Figueroa: they whole-heartedly committed themselves to this community as part of the Kingdom of God.

Guided by the Lord’s call, the Leals sought an expeditious plan to partially alleviate the hunger and meet the basic needs of these communities, especially those of the children and young people, and without distinction of sex, race or creed.

Pastor Leal’s first efforts to obtain a place to meet the necessary conditions and to provide a service to the community proved fruitless. But they persevered in their efforts, with work and prayer, and were strengthened in the Lord, convinced of God’s call and continuing with the ministry He entrusted to them. According to the Holy Scriptures, human transformation only occurs in conjunction with a relationship with God, if not through his son Jesus Christ, through an attitude of love and justice.

Today Hogar la Providencia has a property located at Carrera 19, Av. Ferrocarril in Santa Marta. Firm foundations have been laid, both spiritual and physical, and the community has already begun to see the fruits of God’s work.