October 2011 Update

Dear friends of Hogar La Providencia,

These past months have been of great blessings to the children of Hogar La Providencia, thanks to your prayers and donations.

One project that was initiated some months ago was the replacement of the bunk beds of the Hogar. New bunk beds arrived a month ago, with new mattresses and pillows. A few bunk beds that were not so damaged were repaired, so the children are now enjoying new beds.

In the month of July, twelve members of Faith Covenant Presbyterian Church in Frederick, MD and two members of Shady Grove PCA visited Hogar La Providencia for the first time. The team presented VBS programs to the children of the Hogar and also to the children at John Calvin II School in the community of El Yucal and Barrio Berlin. The team, composed of seven teenagers and seven adults, led games, crafts, songs and Bible verse memorization. A doctor, member of the team, examined the children also. They took the children of the Hogar to a day of recreation at the beach. Mrs. Kathryn Stephens, leader of the group, said the team enjoyed the time in Colombia immensely and made many new friends, despite limited ability to speak Spanish.

Also, in the month of August, under the leadership of Dr. Bruce McDowell, a group of sixteen members from Tenth Presbyterian Church visited the Hogar. They also presented VBS programs, taught songs in English, crafts, games and carried out a medical clinic, giving vitamins and anti-parasitic medication. The team built a swing/slide set in the patio of the Hogar and the children were delighted with this gift.

They also built some dining tables and donated a piano for Calvary Church and sound equipment for the community of Taganga, where a new church plant is being developed. Noteworthy was the close and caring relationship developed between the members of the team and the children developing friendships, playing and even providing counseling.

On September 22 the dream that existed since the Hogar was founded to open a bakery within the premises of the orphanage became true. “Today was a marvelous day. We started to produce bread. There was a lot of joy among all. We were filled with emotion as we all worked together. The neighbors bought the bread and we saw the hand of God helping us so that the bread would sell”.

Another project being carried out at the Hogar is the development of a vegetable garden. Miss Lydia Sorkness, who is serving the Lord at the Hogar, is leading the project, coaching the children to take care of the garden and make it grow.

Another good news is that at the end of the school year, in November, four children (two boys and two girls) that have been living at the Hogar for several years, will graduate from High School. This is a great, great accomplishment. BUT in order for these kids to be able to graduate we need to pay graduation fees to the school. If the Lord puts in your heart to help these children, please send your donation stating that it is For Graduation.
Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers and contributions. Please continue doing so. The struggle continues, there is always need to get money for daily food and basic necessities. Also, the bakery is not fully equipped; the oven needs to be replaced. We need to get a cutting machine, a mixer and other small items. And we need to pay salaries to the Director of the Hogar and the watchman. We are trying to be self-supportive, but we still need your help.

May the sovereign Lord bless you richly.
Pastor Jaime Leal.

PS. If the Lord puts in your heart to make a donation to Hogar la Providencia, you can do it by sending a check to Tenth Presbyterian Church, 1701 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 with “Hogar La Providencia” on the memo line. If you want to donate specifically for the Graduation Fees, please add also “For Graduation”

In Christ’s service,
Clara Hernandez

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