Devotional from Philippians 4

The Lord teaches me in his Word that I must remain in him always and keep his commandments.

I have to love my brothers and have a common bond in the Lord. I have to rejoice in the Lord always.

I have to be a loving person and not be worried about what I will do. We have to present to him all of our needs, praying and asking him with confidence, because he is our Father.

We learn in his Word that God is God of peace and that his peace passes over all and that I only have to think on the good in everything that is pleasing to God.

Jesus tells me that I have to do everything that I have seen in him and God will be with us always.

We have to be thankful for all things that he gives us, be thankful for all that we have, although we have problems and needs.

We need to bear much fruit that remains because that is what the Lord requires of us. We need to be a fragrance to God and put our faith in him, because the Lord will meet our spiritual and material needs according to his holy will.

Our life is only to adore and glorify God.

– Sent by Jaime Leal from Ester Mendoza, an adolescent living at Hogar La Providencia

Devocional Filipenses 4

El Senor Me Ensena en Su palabra que tengo que permanecer en el Siempre , y cumplir con su, s mandamientos.

Tengo que amar a mis hermanos y tener un mismo sentir en el Senor, tengo que regocijarme con el Senor siempre.

Tengo que ser una persona mamable y no tener afán en lo que voy hacer, tenemos que presentarle nuestras nesecidades orandole y pidiendole con confianza, Porque El es nuestro Padre.

Aprendemos en su palabra que Dios es dios de Paz y que su paz sobre pasa Todo y que solo tengo que pensar en lo bueno en todo lo que agrada a Dios.

Jesus me Dice que tengo hacer todo lo que he visto en El y Dios estara con nosotros Siempre.

Tenemos que ser agradecidos por todo lo que nos da. estar agradecidos por todo lo que tenemos, aunque tengamos problemas, necesidades.

Tenemos que dar mucho Fruto que permanezca Porque eso es lo que el Señor nos pide. Tenemos que ser olor fragante a Dios y colocar nuestra fe en El , porque el señor suplirá nuestras Necesidades Espirituales y Materiales de acuerdo a su Santa Voluntad.

Nuestra vida solo Es para adorar y Glorificar a Dios.

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